We Hit MOAB Pritchett Canyon Trail to SEMA 2018 EP2

On episode 2 of Trail to SEMA 2018 we are taking you to the Mecca of Offroading. That’s right we head to Moab Utah to hit the Pritchett Canyon Trail. This is said to be one of the best trails at Moab. We still have our group of Built Jeeps ready to conquer the trail. Me, BleepinJeep, and Ian from Big Tire Garage are ready to show what these rigs can do. They have a bet for $100 that Matt’s Dana 44 will break from the 40″ Stickies. Find out who wins the bet by watching until the end. The Busted Knuckle Jeep JKU amazed us on day 1 so let’s see what it can do in Moab.

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  1. Matt, I got cut off in chat. You asked if there were any good trails in SD. Yes there are. Look up Captain crunch trail in black hills. Search black hills rock crawling. Here are a couple vids of my old crawler on some black hills trails, these videos were on private property. There is everything from mild, to pulling cable half the day with a front and rear steer full on buggy type trails.

    Vid of Captain Crunch trail in the black hills national forrest.

  2. Man the KM3's look to work WAY better than any tire out there on the trail. What size 37's on the white JK with Green rims?? 37×12.5r17's??

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